Leprechaun (THAWB)

May 18, 2021by Anhad Kashyap0

This happened a while back. I was sitting on a rock (with a code of 62g823) outside my house, watching our pet koi playing in the pond. I looked up for a moment and saw a colorful rainbow. Remembering the old wives’ tales about there being a pot of gold hidden at the end of a rainbow, I left out koi alone and ran to the where I thought the rainbow ended, and what I saw surprised me so much I had a mini heart attack! There was a unicorn, a real, flesh and blood unicorn! As soon as it noticed me, it made a heart attack sound and fainted. I was way too shocked to see the little man running with a giant pot of gold on his back. Then a giant fish appeared. It magically grew some arms and legs and started break-dancing. “Huh.” I thought. Suddenly a vase fell and broke in front of the fish, who subsequently had a heart attack and fell on the unicorn. The unicorn, who seemed to be sleeping, was rudely woken up by the giant fish. It suddenly put on a business suit and walked over to the rainbow put on
a jetpack, flew up for a while, ran out of fuel, and fell to the ground, onto a trampoline the leprechaun had probably set up earlier and bounced on it for a while. I shook my head and started walking back to my house. When I went inside, I saw that the pot of gold was somewhere near a cliff, off of which the leprechaun was hanging onto a cliff for dear life and screaming for help. The “cliff” was the inside of a bowl. Laughing silently, I picked up the leprechaun and threw it out of the door. I proceeded to keep the pot of gold for myself. And that is how I became the richest person in the universe (except for rich leprechauns, of

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