Aunt Ruby’s Diary Entry (written for an assignment on one of Ruskin Bond’s stories)

October 5, 2021by Anhad Kashyap0

Dear diary,

I just had the most traumatic experience at my brother’s house! He had a real python in store for me! Let me backtrack for a moment. I had gone to visit my dear brother for 2 weeks. Everything went along fine, except for his cursed pets of course. Cursed! Cursed, I say! That blasted parrot seemed to squawk and screech louder when I was around!


Anyway, I just went out to get myself a guava (even though my brother was downright evil, he still has a good guava tree), when I saw it staring at me. It was a snake! A real, man-eating, python! I ran inside screaming about it, and my sister-in-law was the only person who actually cared! My brother actually joked about it!


After a few days, I was beginning to think it was a hallucination, right until I saw it again, this time staring at itself in my room’s mirror! I screamed for help and everybody ran to my room. My satanic brother picked the python and asked me if I wanted to hold it. At this point, I decided enough was enough. I cut my stay short by a week and went back to Lucknow as I feel safer in my school than in my brother’s house.

Signing off,


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