Underground (a Harry Potter fanfiction, made for a competition)

October 5, 2021by Anhad Kashyap0

It had been about five days since Harry got out of the infirmary, and he was having a bad day. Harry, Ron and Hermione had been on one of the many moving staircases when it decided to move. To make matters worse, they were late for Potions. The staircase had moved downwards, underground, and the only thing on all three of their minds was that they had to go back up, and fast. Unfortunately, the staircase that brought them there had shifted again, and they had no way to go back up. Little did they know that they were at the lowest point in Hogwarts, Remor Point. Named after the great wizard Remor, who was rumored to have been one of the wizards who helped wizards survive when they were forced to separate themselves from Muggles. Remor Point was in terrible condition, and the last time anyone had come here was when Hogwarts was being built, centuries ago. “We’re dead, we’re dead, we’re dead! Snape is going to kill us!” Ron said, nervous. “Relax, Ron. It would be easy to leave right? Why would they build it otherwise?” Hermione replied, calmly. “And look, I think one of the teachers is here! Let’s go there, and quick!” All three of them ran to where they thought the professor was, but Remor Point was in horrible condition and they fell through the floor halfway there. “Ow.” Said Harry. “And I got out of the infirmary just five days ago!” the trio got up and looked around. They appeared to be in a giant cavern. There were multiple exits, but most of them were blocked by rubble. There were also orbs floating around the cavern, but they were hard to see in the murky darkness. The only source of light was the light from Remor Point. They started hearing faint footsteps, which seemed to be getting closer. “Really? Another cave-in? These seem to be happening every day now!” They heard an explosion and sounds of exertion coming from far away. The footsteps resumed, but stopped when they were about a hundred meters away. Hermione, Harry and Ron turned around and saw a tall figure wearing armor. “Well, hello! I wasn’t expecting visitors!” The orbs hovering around the cavern suddenly lit up, showing skeletons and cobwebs. The skeletons didn’t seem to be human. “Welcome to the Underground! The place where the forgotten lie!”

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