Disposables of the Past and the Present

This is my paragraph/speech on old vs. new disposables, so…. let’s begin. So why are disposables even used? Imagine you’re throwing a party for 50 people. There’s a lot of food and everyone’s a foodie. There’s no way you’re going to use porcelain plates and cups and clean them ALL afterwards. Then somebody came up with the brilliant idea of disposables – you buy them, use them once, and they fly to the trash (well not exactly, fly… but… yeah.) One pro is that you can buy them for your 50-people party, and they’re cheap. They remove the additional factor of having to wash the dishes. But using them in your everyday life is a major inconvenience. You’ll have to buy them again and again, 3 times a day, and will ultimately waste more money than the cost of a single, durable, piece of… whatever. Everybody knows plastic is bad for the environment, so why do we use it in disposables? The answer is simple. We NEED plastic. Plastic is cheap, true; but it’s and keeps the food safe from contaminants and the elements. Food waste contributes to a lot of bad stuff, and plastic prevents it, so plastic technically is good, but dumping it everywhere is NOT a good idea. Paper is just easily sources, portable, lightweight and convenient. Terracotta was the only alternative to glass, and you wash glass. Of course, there was metal, but I mean, seriously? Banana leaves were hygienic and convenient. We changed disposables as we came up with cheaper, more convenient options. So… which is better? *insert drumroll here* Traditional disposables. There are multiple ways to stack them up, but I’m going to go with the most obvious one. Environment friendly. Again, there are many ways to stack them up. I’m going generally. Plastic prevents food waste, sure, but destroys the environment when thrown away. Paper – you need to cut trees for it. Traditional disposables win. Traditional disposables are slowly coming back but probably will never be as mainstream as they were. (They’re coming back in big restaurants.) My family has never used disposables, except one ore two times when we used modern disposables. We use modern packaging though.

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